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3d kitchen design

#Editing Your 3D Kitchen Design

In our previous post we showed off the Kitchen Wizard as well as all the options available to create your custom kitchen. It really is fantastic that you can take an empty space and create a unique kitchen in less than 5 minutes. But kitchens are a very unique part of the home in that they are a tool, and extension of the chef. The house chef will always get his/her way! Today we will walk through editing the kitchen we created using the Kitchen Wizard, turning it into our dream kitchen.

Here is our kitchen right after we imported it from the Kitchen Wizard.  I really want a Kitchen that feels open, and has a place for everything. I am not an expert kitchen designer but my current kitchen has some cabinetry that I ve found useful.  Sound familiar?   Well then, lets get started!


Making some space now!  You are free to delete, move or otherwise modify anything created by the Kitchen Wizard.  I ve gone ahead and deleted some parts where I thought I would want something more function specific or different from the options created by the wizard.

When you edit a kitchen furniture you get a new edit panel:

The furniture will have inherited the preferences set by your style choice, made before you started the wizard,  but you can change any style and material choices to have a less uniform kitchen.  Including changing the handle!  I know that was a very personal choice for my wife, I still don t know why thought.

Make additions from a birds-eye view

Working with a dizzying array of options is sometimes difficult from the default camera especially if you are looking for the right fit!  Thankfully we can switch to 2D view to gain a top down vantage point.  This is incredibly helpful, especially with so many vendors out there and their unique catalog names.   You don t have to measure like an Olympian!  Just drag all the cabinets of a particular style that you want in the spot and drag the correct size into the space.

Now have fun!

In no time at all, I had a kitchen that more reflected how I wanted to use it.  I had my clear doors so I could see when I have to wash dishes. I have my utility drawers next to the stove and my dedicated pots and pans cabinet on the right hand side.   I also decided to add back in the micorwave, because who can really go without?

If you have any questions or feedback please reach out to us on our community forums.   If you made an awesome kitchen that you wanted to share, post it there too!

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