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cheap kitchen worktops

Kitchen - Cheap Granite Worktops

October 18th, 2012

Designing a new kitchen requires the services of a professional kitchen installer. You might know what you want to spend but you might not know about cost savings products in worktops, cabinets, floor tiles and appliances. Your local professional kitchen installer works with many companies that manufacture kitchen products especially cabinets and worktops. Your choice of cabinet wood, style and accessories can be matched in color, price and style to your worktops. You might not want to spend ?25,000 or more in cabinets and worktops. but you can still achieve the same look of high quality, costly cabinets and worktops by using cheaper cabinets and worktops that are still luxury products but at less than half the price of the same luxurious products made by manufacturers using top of the line materials.

Your kitchen cabinets may not be solid oak but may have the look of solid oak and can be an upgrade to your construction grade cabinets or to your broken down, unhinged old cabinets. Your counter top can be a luxurious granite that looks and feels like the more pricey granites at half the cost by going to manufacturers and suppliers of cheaper grade granites. Of course, only your kitchen installer would know where to look and from which supplier to buy your new kitchen cabinets and counter tops or worktops.

Actually, few people will be able to guess that your cheaper granite worktops are not the high priced granite work tops just by looking at your kitchen or even using your kitchen worktops. They are still a luxury product and have all the look and feel of more expensive granite worktops and counters. Your choice of worktops are as varied as your choice of kitchen cabinets. Your professional kitchen installer can work out a kitchen design that has all the appeal of a very expensive top designer kitchen at prices that are cheaper and easier on your budget.

A kitchen design can be copied from a very expensive kitchen design using cheaper products like a cheaper grade granite that can duplicate the look of the more expensive kitchen yet cost much less. Your new kitchen will still have luxury products like wood cabinets and granite just at a price that you can afford to pay.

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