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compact kitchen units

#Top 4 complete compact kitchens under $1400

Sometimes I have to smile when I read about tiny kitchens and the pictures show kitchens with even an island, lots of countertop space, 4-burner-stove with big oven and a huge refrigerator. And it reminds me that everything is relative, it’s just the way people look at it.  For some their kitchen is tiny and for others it’s really tiny.

The good news is that people prefer more and more often small kitchens. Tiny kitchens are getting more popular in contemporary and modern living spaces.

In this post I refer to the “really” tiny kitchens, the ones that are something between 30 and 60 inches wide. Yes, this is possible and real. These are the sizes of the pre-manufactures compact kitchens you can buy at Amazon. These modular kitchens are usually all-electric and come with sink, countertop, cooktop, refrigerator, freezer and some storage space. Did I miss something?

What’s amazing too is that most of these pre-assembled kitchens can be installed in only about 4 hours. The installation of a compact kitchen doesn’t require the visit of a code inspector controlling wiring and more. A compact kitchen comes integrally. That means that all wiring is pre-certified and the refrigerator-freezer is pre-rated for its use as a build-in. The connections from the wall to the unit are all that need inspection, which can be done at a glance.

And another surprising advantage of tiny compact kitchens is the cost which ranges between $700 and $1400 for the whole kitchen.

Could a compact kitchen be the solution you are looking for? Yes, if you are renovating studio apartments and installing kitchens into boats, RVs, tiny houses, dormitory or break rooms, cottages and small casitas. And sometimes there is just no other choice because of the available size.

Tiny spaces call for innovative solutions. If you can take down a wall and create an open plan kitchen that extends into the living area, it will take away a possible cramped feeling. There are also other ways to open up tiny kitchen spaces such as having white cabinets, furniture and walls. Light in general is an important factor in order to create a bigger space-feeling in a tiny kitchen. Recessed lighting makes a space appear larger than it is. Also when you keep the floor color similar to cabinets and appliances it makes the space seem wider.

Further you can find here 5 fun ideas on how you can get organized in creative ways to open up big spaces for small kitchens: “Top 5 Kitchen Organizers ”.

Some people call their tiny kitchens small but mighty. It’s true. Compact kitchens look modern and efficient. They are user-friendly and actually very cozy. They have everything you need for great cooking in a really tiny space. Cooking in a tiny kitchen can even be fun. Check out: “How to cook in a small kitchen, 7 magic tips and more ”.

Are there other advantages of a tiny kitchen? Sure!  How about less walking, less mess and way faster clean up!

The following is a list of the top 4 complete compact kitchens. In order to insure the authenticity of the product and the best quality and service you should always purchase products like these from a name that you trust, such as Amazon.com.

Avanti CK302R Complete Compact Kitchen with Refrigerator

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