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country kitchen decor

How to Decorate a French Country Kitchen With Burgundy and Yellow | eHow

Fresh flowers, berries and leaves

Paint the walls of the kitchen in either burgundy or yellow. Use burgundy if the kitchen is a large room, to help make it feel comfortable and warm. If the kitchen is small, paint it yellow; light colors help to open up a room and make it seem bigger than it is. Plastered walls can add a rustic touch to the kitchen and give it the feel of a French country cottage.

Use furniture that captures the appearance of a French country kitchen. Look for thick, durable, hardwood tables and chairs and hardwood cabinets. A hardwood floor or a tile floor in earthy tones like brown or burgundy will add to the rustic look.

Choose curtains for the French country-style kitchen. Pick burgundy curtains if the walls are yellow and yellow curtains if the walls are burgundy. This will create a visual contrast and reinforce the color scheme of the kitchen.

Install a hardwood or granite counter top. Use a wood that matches the color of the furniture and cupboards or pick a dark-colored stone counter to provide contrast with the burgundy and yellow decorating scheme.

Add accessories in burgundy and yellow throughout the kitchen. Place burgundy or yellow cushions on chairs and utilize a burgundy or yellow tablecloth. Use ceramic and terracotta bowls, vases and pots that are painted in burgundy and yellow to hold items like utensils and flowers. Choose small appliances such as a blender, coffee maker and mixer in burgundy and yellow.

Add framed artwork to the walls of the kitchen. Choose thick hardwood frames and pictures of the French countryside that include burgundy and yellow elements.

Add a wine rack to the counter or along one wall of the kitchen and use it to store red and white wines; they will add another touch of yellow and red to the kitchen.

Add seasonal decorations to the kitchen throughout the year in yellow and burgundy tones, such as fresh flowers in the spring and summer and berries and leaves in the fall.

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