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design my kitchen

#Designing my kitchen - Stove help - Cookware

Designing my kitchen - Stove help


First post here. Hi all.

Welp. I have googled as much as I can and am tired of finding posts that are from 2007-2009. heh. so, going to start reading here and figured to make a post.

Figured a little about myself first:

I love to cook. I can t cook small either. I cook gumbo and the microwave above my stove gets in the way ;)

So, the wife and I are going to sell this house and build a new one. Now, we are not wealthy people by any means. but I figure to make my kitchen the way I want this time. Daddy wants a NICE stove.

Now, I am a grilli9ng person too. but I do not think I need a grill on the stove, since I have a couple smokers and an outside grill. If a stove came with a grill, ok. would rather it be a swappable part as I would use it rarely.

I plan to have an electric wall oven for baking with a microwave above it, to get it out of the way ;)

I figured on a 48 natural gas stove.

I have read a LOT of complaints about Viking support.

I like the Five Star range, but do not know much about it.

I love the ease of cleaning the Blue Star range (Culinarian range?)

I think Wolf is a preferred brand, maybe even DCS.

So. I love the price of the Five Star. but has anyone had much experience with those?

I would PREFER a self cleaning range, but I am okay with cleaning myself if it means I get a higher quality product that will last a long time. I am looking at a range I could relate to . for lack of a better terminology. I don t know of a better way to explain how I want to work with a stove/range.


I promise to read as much of the other posts as possible too, not just ask and take off. heh. but I wanted to start the discussion for my benefit to learn what I might not learn in another post.

Oh, and hello from Texas!

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