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designer kitchen taps

#Designer Habitat Chrome Single Handle Pull Out Spray Kitchen Sink Tap Hose Mixer with Two Swivel Spouts: DIY - Tools

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By swblonde on 26 Sept. 2011

Great looking tap. arrived right on time. On fitting however the sink will require a back plate to strengthen the sink and stop the weight/height of the tap flexing the sink. Not a surprise-I was expecting that.

The main problem is If you have the traditional gravity fed hot water system and mains cold water supply to the sink you will need to fit a back flow preventer to the hot water supply. When the tap is on divert to the spray -and before you turn on the spray- if the temperature control is midway between the hot/cold the cold pressure forces cold water back along the hot water pipes (due to the imbalance of the pressures). You can hear it running back up the hot pipes and would cause a problem if left to run. It stops when you open the spray, but this is in contravention of our water laws I think. I think this is an import and should only be used with a presurised/balanced system but there is no information on here to inform about that. My water presures are within the tolerance stated.

Another issue is the tap mixes in the tap base and you have to run the cold to allow the mixed water to empty from the bloc before filling the kettle-the water tastes metallic if you dont.

I think I will have to purchase a booster for the hot water to better balance the hot/cold presures which rather explains the price.

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