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diy kitchen cabinets

Removing Kitchen Cabinets - DIY, Do It Yourself Home Improvement - DIY-HQ

Tip:   Remove the base units first to make it easier to get under the wall cabinets.  

  1. Remove all doors and drawers before removing any cabinets.  This will allow you to be able to look inside the cabinet to see where everything is attached.
  2. For units attached to each other, detach and lower them separately or lower them as one.  If you want to reuse the hardware, clean and store all pulls, knobs and screws and place in plastic bags.  
  3. If cabinet is old, it could be attached with nails to the wall, soffit or even built into the wall itself.  If it is built into the wall, you will have to demolish part of the wall.  Find the nailing or screwing strip that is located along the inside edges of the cabinet.  Use a claw of the hammer or screw driver to remove nails and/or screws from the wall and then the floor.  You may wish to add a block of wood between the wall surface and the pry-bar so you do not mar the wall.  If you have problems loosening the nails this way, pound the cabinet toward the wall to help make the nail heads protrude so that you can draw them out.
  4. Newer kitchen cabinets are likely held in place with screws.  They may also be hung on metal or wood cabinet hangers.  When removing kitchen cabinets from hangers, you simply lift out and away from the wall at the bottom.  Then lift up off of the hangers.  Unscrew hangers from the wall. 
  5. Begin removing wall cabinets.  Two people may be necessary for this job so that the cabinets remain in good condition.   Have the person helping you hold the cabinet while you pry out nails or unscrew screws from the cabinet and wall and/or ceiling.
  6. Lower down the cabinet slowly after all screws and the nails have been removed.

Removing kitchen cabinets is not hard, but it is much easier when you start off knowing what you are looking for.  You are now ready to install your new kitchen cabinets.

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