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#Ella - s Kitchen accused of - misleading - parents over sugar levels

A BABY food company has been criticised after it was alleged that it 'misled' parents.

16:12, Sun, Mar 15, 2015 | UPDATED: 12:30, Thu, Mar 19, 2015


Ella s Kitchen has come under fire for misleading parents

Ella's Kitchen, which targets infants aged up to four months old, has been accused of misleading parents with packaging, according to The Sun.

The products include a fruit and vegetable puree that is in a carrot coloured carton, and lists carrot as the first ingredient.

However, looking at the label reveals the product is 68 per cent apple.

Similarly, the firm's carrot, peas and pears pouch also comes in a carrot coloured container but is made of 62 per cent pear.

Misleading parents into thinking the products are healthier than they really are'

Katherine Jenner

Katherine Jenner, of Action On Sugar, which campaigns to have less sugar in food and drinks said the labels were 'misleading parents into thinking the products are healthier than they really are'.

However, Ella's Kitchen said their packaging was 'accurately descriptive'.

A popular school lunchbox snack was also criticised for being misleading.

Strawberry Fruit Yoyos were found to be just 10 per cent strawberries, but makers Bear said that was because the fruits were too watery.

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