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kitchen cabinet prices

How to Price Kitchen Cabinets | eHow

Measurements of the kitchen, or blueprint

According to the National Kitchen Bath Association, kitchen remodeling "consumes more attention, energy, finances and complex decision-making than any other project, short of building an entirely new house." It is important to know approximately how much you are willing to spend on your kitchen cabinets ahead of time, so you are able to determine what features you can afford.

Order the features you want in your cabinets from most important to least important. Some features that determine kitchen cabinet pricing are wood species, drawer style, door design, built-in or free standing framework, hinges and hardware, storage options and drawer roller style. You can refer to your file of ideas to help prioritize the features you want.

Narrow your cabinet vendor selection to 2 to 3 possible vendors. Ask your friends and family members for referrals for vendors they have dealt with in the past. Look for good word-of-mouth referrals that speak positively of the cabinet vendor's ability to help you visualize your kitchen, work with your choices and budget, complete the building or ordering of the cabinets on time and install the cabinets in a timely fashion with prompt clean-up afterward.

Obtain estimates from the 2 to 3 vendors you have chosen to explore. Compare the estimates and determine which vendor offers the options you want in the budget you have set. Ask questions that pertain to cabinet pricing while meeting with the vendor, including asking for comparison prices in features.

Determine the cost of finishing, installation and clean-up and how that figures into the bottom-line cost of the cabinets by asking the vendor for the cost of these services broken out of the total cost of the cabinets. Ask that a timeline to complete the project be included in the contract.

Before signing a contract to purchase kitchen cabinets, double check the customer satisfaction policy and warranty information. You want to know that your cabinet vendor will be around to repair or replace items in the future if necessary.

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