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About Us | Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft has been building quality custom cabinetry since 1983. The business began as a one-man shop, run from the family farm and has grown to include a staff of skilled craftsmen and designers, each with their own area of expertise.

It has always been our goal to satisfy every customer by producing quality cabinetry that is carefully inspected to meet stringent quality standards.

Like many small business owners, Jay Zimmerman didn't set out to start a growing business. He began his woodworking career with Conestoga Woodworking after completing a variety of woodworking projects on his own throughout his teenage years. After 5 1/2 years with Conestoga Woodworking, he started building custom furniture and cabinetry on the side for friends and relatives. It wasn't long until Jay realized he was on to something. Through word of mouth, the demand for his services began to grow, so he abandoned his job search to begin working on his business full-time.

For the first 5 years, Jay worked on his own from an abandoned chicken house on his family's farm building dry sinks, hutches, roll top desks, entertainment centers and custom cabinetry for a variety of customers who came to him through referrals. In 1988, Jay hired his first part-time employee to handle the increasing workload.

By 1996, the business had outgrown the family farm and Jay purchased a building to house his equipment and serve as his permanent shop location. The business continued to grow and Jay decided to specialize exclusively in custom cabinetry and stopped taking orders for custom furniture.

Today, Kitchen Craft employs 12 skilled craftsmen and designers, a sales staff, a shop foreman and administrative staff. Jay now serves as the company accountant, handling payroll, accounts receivable and overseeing business operations.

Though the company has grown, Kitchen Craft still maintains the quality that first sparked interest in our cabinetry and fine woodworking throughout Lancaster County. Whether we're working with area builders, architects or homeowners, customer satisfaction remains our biggest priority!

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