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kitchen decorating themes

Kitchen Decorating Themes Ideas | eHow

Some people work well when all their kitchen tools are in plain sight and within an easy grasp. Others feel cluttered and suffocated by so many objects. If you thrive in a pristine environment with lots of space, decorate your kitchen with minimalism in mind. These kitchens often reflect only one or two colors, so get ready to invest in some classic white paint. The color white will open up even the smallest kitchen. You might want to get some extra cabinets if you have room. The more you can put out of sight, the more minimalist your kitchen will appear. With this theme, each meal begins on a fresh, clean slate.

Embrace this decorating theme if you love the old-fashioned, homey feel of country cooking. The country kitchen will awaken inspiration for the recipes your family craves. Warm colors like brown, tan or red are ideal for a country kitchen theme. Decor can consist of fences, roosters or barn houses. Old-fashioned dishes with flower decorations would be perfectly at home in this kitchen.

Cooks who love to purchase the latest and greatest in kitchen appliances will feel at home in a modern-styled kitchen. Gray, white and black are effective color choices for modern designs. Rounded chairs and tables will work well for the kitchen table. Unlike the minimalist kitchen, shiny new appliances can be placed out in the open. These tools should call to the cook to come and whip up a little snack.

An old world design will please everyone who might use your kitchen from time to time -- from your teenager to your grandmother. It is also a perfect decorating solution for those who want to spruce up their kitchen, but don't want to update or keep up with the latest trends in the future. The old world kitchen is a timeless design. Dark browns will make the kitchen cozy and warm. Most decorations can be found in antique stores, or even cheaper at your local thrift store. Greek and Roman styles will be perfect for a dish set, as will other international designs.

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