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kitchen drawer slides

#Drawer Slides: Tools - Home Improvement

Prime-Line Products R 7212 Drawer Slides, Bottom Mount, 20-Inch Set, White by Prime-Line Products

Drawer Slides from Amazon.com

Beautiful old dressers and drawers are often wonderful to look at, but a challenge to own because of outdated, sticky drawer slides. Save money and keep your classic furniture by adding new, smooth drawer slides.

There s more to drawer pulls than meets the eye or the fingers. At Amazon.com, you can find a range of handy features can make your drawers behave differently. Ball bearing slides operate smoothly throughout their range with no sticking or jitters. Full extension slides are great for deeper drawers that need to open further than normal. For drawers with fragile contents, soft close slides will prevent accidental slamming, and possible damage. Our keyword filters make it easy to browse for drawer slides with the options you want.

Just because drawer slides are usually hidden from view doesn t mean you don t want to match existing hardware if you re replacing worn out parts. Filtering for color, finish and brand will help you locate the part you need quickly. For rapid repairs, we offer fast expedited shipping options. If you re replacing several drawer slides all at once and want to stay within a budget, you can take a look at products that are eligible for Free Shipping. Either way, online shopping is a convenient resource for all your home repair needs.

If you re in the mood for a DIY furniture project, try converting the sticky old slides in a second hand dresser or cabinet to new, fully featured ball bearing slides. It s amazing how much of a difference quality drawer slides can make with old furniture. Rejuvenating retro storage pieces is just one of the ways you can enjoy simple and affordable projects from Amazon.com.

Making sure the little things in your home function the way they should is a great way to reduce everyday stress, and enjoy your furniture. Drawer slides are affordable and easy to install in most furniture, so there s nothing holding you back from making positive changes.

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