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kitchen floors

Hometalk | Which Kitchen Flooring is Right for You?

As one of the most frequently used rooms, selecting the flooring for your kitchen is no easy task. There is no shortage of overwhelmed homeowners posing this question to Hometalk.

"I need help!" declared Maggie Lais. "I have a limited budget, two dogs, and ideally want to do this myself."

"I've tried everything!" proclaimed John Batchelor of his flooring decisions to date. "I have 4 rescue dogs in and out of dirt, rain, snow, and mud, What will hold up to the weather and my dogs?"

Many of us are like Rosemary, and have no idea where to even begin. "What options are there besides tile, laminate or wood?" she asked her Hometalk fellows.

Well for all those equally stumped by the daunting task of selecting a new kitchen floor, here is your field guide to the options that will be perfectly suited to your lifestyle, complete with expert tips from flooring expert Jill Cobb, a Project Consultant for MODA Floors and Interiors .

Are you a traditional gal, who thinks of her kitchen as her warm hearth? If the warm glow of wood has always appealed to you, then why not explore the many different options of hardwood floors. Many wood-loving Hometalk members have struck a fine compromise by using reclaimed or distressed wood so any new scratches or dents will be less apparent.

MODA Flooring Says: Hardwood floors are great for kitchens, they can withstand heavy traffic, easy to clean, but does require maintenance. Hardwoods do add value to your home and good for families in all stages.

Have more kitchen messes than you can possibly keep up with? Want something quick, reasonably priced, that you won't need to worry about later? There is a reason that tile is one of the most popular kitchen floor choices: it's durable, inexpensive, and easy to clean. Just try not to drop any glasses or plates!

MODA Flooring Says: Tile can withstand a great deal of heavy traffic and cleans easily. Although it does add value, it is a more expensive floor. It is a harder surface; dropped dishes will break and crack tile and always remember that tile is harder on the back and knees. It is a suitable product for all ages .

Lovers of classical and traditional design will adore the unique colors and patterns of natural stone for their kitchen. Natural stone kitchen flooring is best if you are not a big cooker. Stone is notorious for its lack of spills and stains resistance.

MODA Flooring Says: Natural stone will hold up well under heavy traffic, but it does require more upkeep and maintenance. This will definitely add value to the home, but is also one of the more expensive products. Nature stone kitchen flooring may be more practical for a mature family.

Is your budget tighter than a tree's bark? Well laminate kitchen flooring can come to the rescue! It can be made to look like many different types of wood, tile, or stone, but at a fraction of the price. This flooring is ideal if your brood quite bustling and prone to spills.

MODA Flooring Says: Laminate floors can tolerate high activity and are easy to clean and maintain. Although laminates have definitely improved in quality and appearance, some consumers do view laminate to be an inferior product to other hard surfaces. Laminate kitchen flooring would add minimum value to your home. This would be good flooring options for all ages.

If your family resembles a wrecking crew, there isn't a tougher or more durable floor to be had. This is an ideal flooring solution to have in place until said wrecking crew is all moved out for college. With concrete floors, you can easily add onto them later. The color options for polished concrete are endless, and as an added bonus, concrete floors absorb heat to cut energy bills!

MODA Flooring Says: Concrete floors are great for high traffic, easy to clean and maintain. Does not add value to the home. This type of kitchen flooring is good for all ages.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring via Genesis Architecture

Linoleum Vinyl

Are you looking for a "bargain basement" option? Vinyl can fit into almost every budget, and these days there is an impressive array of color and quality options available. This is an ideal flooring option for those determined to do the installation themselves, and it'll be easy to clean later.

While Linoleum is trickier to work with and might not make a good DIY project, it is just as durable and easy to clean. Linoleum is a big fan favorite amongst retro style lovers.

MODA Flooring Says: Vinyl and linoleum are a good floor for kitchen, can handle moderate traffic, but does depend on the quality of the product. It is easy to clean and maintain. Neither will add value to your home. Both of these kitchen flooring options are good for all ages.

As a grass, bamboo can stand up to the wear and tear of your active family. You can finally stop telling dogs and kiddos to quit running laps around your kitchen! Bamboo floors are a newcomer to flooring scene so make sure you evaluate companies and varieties carefully.

MODA Flooring Says: Depending on the type of bamboo, stranded being the most durable, are moderate to heavy traffic. This type of kitchen flooring will be easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo flooring will add value to your home. Bamboo is good for all families

Do you find yourself weary from standing on an unforgiving kitchen floor? Let cork floors be your knight in shining armor! You'll be hard pressed to find a softer, more cushioned flooring option. For this same reason you'll dramatically cut down on your breaking glass incidents as well. Hometalk member Karen recently installed cork floors and advises that this floor isn't for those who adore eat-in kitchens as standing furniture will leave dents or impressions in cork flooring. Cork flooring isn't ideal for the vacuum-adverse either, but is there better motivation to do your vacuuming than to maintain your gorgeous floor?

MODA Flooring Says: Cork is a moderately durable. This type of kitchen flooring will be easy to clean. Does add value to the home. Cork floors are very soft on the back and knees. Good for all families.

Here is an out of the box idea you might not have thought of! Paint isn't just for the walls anymore. If you are looking for a temporary solution, you could always paint your floors. Lot's of opportunity for creative on this one, folks!

MODA Flooring Says: Painted floors are not good for heavy traffic. This type of flooring can be easy to clean, but will need maintenance and repainting. Painting your kitchen floors does not add value to home. Good for mature families.

Hopefully, now all your kitchen flooring questions and concerns are cleared up and you can focus on making your dream kitchen come to life! Peruse beautiful kitchens on Hometalk. or ask your specific flooring question to the Hometalk Pros in the Hometalk Q A section. Let us know which flooring type is your favorite in the comments!

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