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kitchen makeovers

#Easy kitchen makeover tips
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How many of us would say no to a full kitchen renovation given half a chance?

Exactly. But the reality is very expensive, disruptive and hard work.

Luckily you can give your kitchen a new look or a tidy up without ripping it all out and starting again.

I ve put together some ideas for smartening up this increasingly integral part of the home which are quicker and cheaper than starting from scratch, with surprisingly big results.

Drawer door fronts

Often, what s behind your tired or dated kitchen cabinet doors or drawers is perfectly fine and won t need replacing.

If you re not looking to change the fundamental design and layout of your kitchen, you can get away with replacing the doors and drawer fronts only. Many companies offer this for standard, and even custom sizes, and it s very affordable.

More affordable still, is to paint them yourself. Specialist kitchen makeover paints have come a very long way in the last few years and can be used to create all kinds of looks, from the most sleek high gloss to the more colourful or rustic (try Flood Tile and Laminate Paint ).

A popular trend at the moment is to paint walls or doors in kitchens with blackboard paint, not only disguising a multitude of sins underneath but providing a handy space to write the shopping list and a really cool feature.

Of course the other things you can change up are handles and knobs (sometimes known as door furniture). Try Zakkia  for some gorgeous options online.

New bench tops

It s amazing the difference a new bench top can make.

Throw in some new tiles for the splashback and people could be fooled into thinking it s a brand new kitchen! It really is up to you how much you spend here; whether you re going for laminate, timber or marble, for example.

Concrete is increasingly trendy for bench tops and very affordable. Again, there are specialist makeover paints for bench tops which allow you to get a new look for even less money. You can literally paint straight over what s there.

Rust-Oleum s Countertop Transformations is a really clever product which lets you achieve the look of granite or stone. It has to be seen to be believed and I ve seen it!


This is nothing new but a lick of paint (on the walls) really can make a world of difference and is probably the most straightforward, good value and effective way to give any room a fresh look.

Happy facelifting!

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