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kitchen mandolin

Guide to a Kitchen Mandolin Slicer

If you have never used a Kitchen Mandolin Slicer before, you ought to consider using it, especially if you have a bigger family or if you have lots of guests coming over to your place from time to time.

These are useful tools not just for cutting slices, but also to make your food preparations look good. Chefs use it all the time in their kitchen as it helps them to cut their vegetables into different sized uniform slices. And because presentation plays an important role, especially if you are eating in a restaurant, these are important tools in the hands of chefs.

You can choose from simple, single blade type of models to the more complex ones that can slice all sorts of fruits and vegetables efficiently. And these can be expensive, with some of them coming with several blades with lots of features and styles.

This is basically a utensil that is used to cut vegetables and fruits and is used to make several uniform slices. Many refer to it as mandoline or just mandolin. A mandolin slicer is used primarily with vegetables such as potatoes, cucumbers and so on, but it can also be used with a variety of foods, such as, chocolate, and even nuts.

Because these use blades, you have to be careful using it, and you have to make sure they stay away from the reach of children. With time, you'll get used to it. You also get shields to protect your fingers when using it. The blades on these are removable and can be cleaned. Its always best to hand wash them and dry them rather than placing them in a dishwasher. You need to put it back in the slicer once the cleaning is done.

You can even give these as gifts to your close friends or family. Anybody spending sufficient time in the kitchen will definitely find it useful. Though if you are only going to cook for yourself or maybe a couple of persons, then you may probably not need it. There are lots of choices available so depending on the requirement, you may choose one that has a single blade or has multiple blades. Above all, it also helps to give good presentation to the cut slices.

So the next time you have a party at home, its time to impress your friends with your culinary skills. Use that kitchen Mandolin Slicer to make vegetable and potato slices.

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