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kitchen storage cabinets

Storage Ideas for Corner Cabinets | eHow

Place small objects in the corners of the cabinet. Depending on what you are using the cabinet for, these items can be wash clothes, candles, knickknacks or any number of things. This leaves the center for larger items like towels, trays and larger decorative items. If you are using the cabinet for your nice china, place glasses and coffee cups toward the points, and leave space for plates in the center.

If you don't have a corner that the cabinet will fit in and you don't want to get rid of the piece of furniture, turn it around. Place it in the corner but flat against one wall, which will have it facing out from the wall just like a regular-style cabinet. Since the cabinet is in a corner, one side is hidden from view and you only have the other side to contend with. Hide the exposed side by draping a long cloth or blanket from the top of the cabinet to the floor. Create a support beam at the top, running from the front corner of the cabinet to the wall behind it. This way, when you drape the cloth, it will look like it is draped over a flat edge; the cloth hides the slanted side. You can place decorative pieces on top of the cabinet to blend in with the cloth and room style.

Put a lazy susan on the shelf of kitchen corner cabinets so you don't have to reach all the way to the back of these deep storage areas. The lazy susan allows you to spin the items around and bring the back to the front.

If your corner cabinet is close to the end of a line of cabinets, you can open up the end. In other words, if the corner cabinet only has one other cabinet to the left or right of it, you can open up the end of the last cabinet. Add a door to the end, and install a long slide-out storage bin that you can put kitchen items in. Let the slide-out tray reach all the way through the end cabinet and into the corner cabinet. You can still access these cabinets from the front, or slide the bin out to get to things way in the back of the corner cabinet.

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