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kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas That are Easy and Affordable

Here are ten easy kitchen storage ideas that will help you to make the most of the space you have in your kitchen. I m always looking for ways to maximize my storage space. And the kitchen is probably the area I look for it the most. In a previous post, I shared some kitchen storage ideas with you. I thought it was time to share a few more. Not only are these ideas easy, but they re affordable too!

1. Because they re ventilated, bamboo steamers are great for storing onions, garlic and other items that shouldn t be refrigerated. You can also stack them!

2. Use tiered or stacking baskets to corral small items in the pantry or on counters.

3. Store colorful cupcake liners in glass jars. They ll be easily accessible and make colorful displays.

4. Create dish storage by outfitting a drawer with a peg board and use wooden dowels for pegs. You can adjust the length of peg according to the height of the stack. By putting dishes in a low drawer, it minimizes overhead lifting.

5. Take advantage of every inch of space in the freezer by using plastic baskets to store food by type and adding a label.

6. Add additional shelves in lower cabinets to store flat items. By using more shelves, it prevents inconvenient tall stacks.

7. Turn a vertical organizer on its end to stack pots and pans. No more nesting, so everything is easier to get at.

8. Use a rolling cart that tucks away under the island to store baking items, then roll it out when you re ready to bake. Everything will be handy.

9. Turn wire shelving backwards and on a tilt to create functional can storage. The shelf lip will keep cans from rolling out.

10. Create more shelf space by using a tray as a divider for glassware. Make sure the tray is almost as wide as the shelf s depth. Use non-skid shelf liner to keep the glasses from sliding.

Which one of these ideas do you think you ll be using? Do you have others that you d like to share?

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