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kitchen unit doors

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If you looking to use our replacement kitchen doors for a kitchen revamp then look here at the huge choice we have. First you need to find out if the kitchen doors you already have are standard or non-standard sizes. It is easy to measure the back of your kitchen door to take the measurement in mm`s. If you have Hi line kitchen doors (no drawer at the top) it should measure 715mm high, the width is usually standard, for example if it is on a 500mm kitchen unit it will be 496mm wide. If it is a mm different don�t worry it is still what we call the industry standard for the UK. If you have a drawerline kitchen the drawer height should be 140mm high and the door will be 570mm high. So if you have these measurements you can pick any of kitchen doors you see on the web site or at our kitchen showroom.

If they are different to these they are classed as made to measure and you need to pick from the made to measure kitchen doors, they will then be made to the sizes you require.

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