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large kitchen islands

64 Deluxe Custom Kitchen Island Designs (BEAUTIFUL)

In many kitchens. the island is the star. This gallery of 60 incredible kitchen designs features kitchens in which the island is truly the jewel of the room. These aren’t a wood box in the center of the space as a functional addition; instead the islands are both highly functional and enhance the overall design.

Kitchen island design and function can vary. With respect to design, they vary as much as kitchen cabinets, which is a great deal. More specifically, islands can match the overall design or offer a contrasting design element such as a white island in a natural wood kitchen or vice versa.

Other design elements include shape (rectangle, square, semi-circular, L-shape, etc.) as well as tiered designs which is an island with two or more levels. Our gallery features examples of all of these designs.

With respect to function, they provide additional work space, an eating area, storage, appliance placement (stove, sink, microwave and even dishwasher placement). Custom islands can also include wine racks, small dining tables attached, a desk and even offer space for plants.

Finally, some kitchens incorporate two or more islands… an archipelago kitchen design .

In some cases a kitchen island can be outshone with stool selection. For instance, an all-white kitchen can be enhanced with red leather stools. Another example is using elaborate custom stools such as those in the above picture. Enjoy our gallery of truly spectacular kitchen islands.

Luxurious space-saving kitchen island with built-in booth. Moreover, this island adds to the kitchen’s color profile with it’s off-white color with in a dark wood kitchen. Source: Insidesign

Large open living white kitchen with elaborate rectangle kitchen island. Notice the small desk one one end as well as the glass-faced cabinets.

Natural wood kitchen with white island. Here’s an example where the island contrasts the rest of the kitchen design. Moreover, this island is an example of a tiered kitchen island with elevated eat-in counter.

Large kitchen in Southwest home with log beam ceiling with two-level kitchen island that blends into the entire room’s design. Source: Zillow Digs TM

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