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rolling kitchen island

#Expedit Rolling Kitchen Island - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers

Materials: EXPEDIT shelving unit, LAGAN countertop, BRANAS baskets

Description: Working with a small footprint kitchen I wanted to build an island that would provide seating, storage and extra counterspace. I saw similiar hacks on this site and was inspired to combine them into one super hack!

First I assembled the Expedit bookshelf leaving off the top panel and attaching castors to the bottom panel. Note: it s important to use good quality rubber castors given how much pushing, pulling and shoving this island endures.

Second I cut the Lagan countertop to the desired dimensions (just overhanging the front and back of the shelf and giving a more generous 2.5 overhang on either side.) Because the Expedit panels are hollow fiberboard I opted to secure the countertop with multiple small brackets. The easiest way to do this is to lay the countertop over the shelf and draw the lines of the shelf panels on the underside of the countertop. Then flip over the countertop and secure the brackets. Flip it back over and secure the brackets to the side and centre panels.

Third I cut a backer panel out of 1/8 thk. primed MDF and secured it to the back of the shelf with finishing nails. This keeps the baskets in place and keeps them from getting kicked from people sitting at the island chairs.

Fourth I cut the Lagan countertop to create an L-shape and secured to the wall (be sure to find the studs!) with large L-brackets.

Fifth I cut a 6 x 6 opening in the countertop to sit above the upper right basket. The basket is fit with a garbage bin for easy disposal.

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