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rustic kitchen tables

How to Make a Rustic Kitchen Table (5 Steps) | eHow

Old door Sheet of glass Four wooden table legs Light grade sandpaper Screw driver Screws for attaching the legs Adhesive rubber stoppers

Find an old door at your local salvage or thrift store. Natural wood doors that have not been painted fit better with a rustic design. Table legs can be taken from an old table or purchased new at your local home improvement store. Your local home improvement store will cut the glass you purchase from them to fit your kitchen table.

Remove the door handle and any other hardware from the door. Clean the wood with oil especially designed to bring life back to old wood. Holloway's Lemon Oil is a good product to use for this purpose. Lightly sand any rough surfaces on the side and edges of the door to protect your family from splinters. If the door is in really bad shape, you may want to sand it down completely and stain it. This will remove some of the charm, but the rustic nature of your table will still be intact.

Stain the four table legs to match your door, if new, or clean them with the oil if you're using old parts from another table.

Attach the table legs to the table with screws and a screw driver. Insert the screws at an angle from the side of the table leg up through the bottom of the table. Make sure your screws are long enough to pass through the corner of the leg and part of the door without coming out of the top of the wooden door table. Your kitchen table may look best with the legs attached at the corners of the door, or you may choose to attach the legs a foot or so underneath the door. Indenting the legs will make them less noticeable and will create a rim around the perimeter of your rustic kitchen table.

Add a sheet of glass to the top of your kitchen table to protect the wood. You can have a sheet cut to fit at your local home improvement store or glass supply house. Add small adhesive rubber stoppers to each corner between the glass and the door to keep the glass securely in place. You could also leave the table as is, without adding the glass protection.

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