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used kitchen equipment

Equipment Used in a Kitchen | eHow

Pans for roasting won't be a large part of every kitchen, but those who engage in this type of cooking will find plenty of variety in the equipment available. A covered roaster is a deep pan that magnifies heat within like a miniature oven. A copper roasting dish with convenient iron handles on both sides offers efficient heat conduction. A handled earthenware pot makes cooking stews and soups easier. A piece of equipment that belongs in nearly every kitchen is a heavy cast iron pan that goes from cooking pot roast to whole chickens.

Pots and pans represent an elemental type of equipment used in the kitchen for a variety of purposes. Stainless steel saucepans spread the heat more evenly than other materials. One of the most efficient types of pots available is the heavy tinned copper pan that is capable of transmitting heat throughout its contents quicker than in other types of pans. A tall, heavy gauge aluminum pot for making stocks and stews should come with a wire basket inside that allows you to lift solids out of the surrounding liquid.

Mixing ingredients for desserts, drinks and other types of foods means investing in at least one type of mixer. An electric mixer comes with a metal bowl inside of which ingredients are quickly combined. You can achieve the same effect on a smaller scale and with more physical labor with a handheld electric mixer. Handheld mixers are also available in a type that is cranked by hand.

Fried foods are not as popular as they were before their health dangers became well known, but a deep fryer will make this cooking process go much more quickly, smoothly and evenly than frying in a pan. Deep fryers are available in different models that range widely in terms of size, depth and features. This piece of kitchen equipment essentially works the same way regardless of the specific model: food is dropped into a vat of heated oil so that it can be fried without the necessity for your turning it over to ensure it gets thoroughly cooked.

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