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ceramic kitchen sinks

#FAQs concerning ceramic sinks

Freqently asked questions

What are the characteristic features of a ceramic sink?

BLANCO ceramic sinks are also made from natural raw materials and using traditional craftsmanship. Every sink is unique, which means that it is impossible to avoid minor tolerances in dimensions and colours.

Because of the exclusive manufacturing process, all BLANCO CERAMIC sinks have a very hard, strong surface that is notable for being resistant to scratching, cutting and impacts. However, damage may well occur if an exceptionally hard and heavy object comes into contact with the surface from a height.

BLANCO CERAMIC sinks are very easy to look after. The surface of a BLANCO CERAMIC sink is particularly hard, smooth, and perfectly closed. These properties mean that dirt is unable to penetrate the material, so that wiping the dirt off the surface is all it takes to clean the sink.

Ceramic sinks are extremely resistant to heat; they are not affected by normal kitchen temperatures.

Are ceramic sinks food-safe?

All BLANCO CERAMIC sinks are tested for their safety with foodstuffs.

Can the colour change over time?

No changes in colour occur, whether as the result of the direct influence of the sun or of normal domestic use, because all BLANCO CERAMIC sinks are lightfast. This means that the sink can also be put in front of the window.

If limescale deposits form over the course of time, it is possible that they may discolour. In this case, either wine vinegar or BLANCOANTIKALK are most effective solutions to this problem.

What is PuraPlus?

PuraPlus® is a special water-repellent seal that causes water to simply run down the surface. This makes it more difficult for residue (e.g. limescale) to adhere to the surface, and so makes it easier to clean.

How are ceramic sinks cleaned?

We recommend the usual domestic all-purpose cleaning products and soft sponges or microfibre cloths for cleaning.

Bio-Boy, BLANCOANTIKALK and VIS (JIF) are effective for removing more stubborn dirt, such as limescale deposits and metal marks. Sinks with the Pura-Plus® finish should be cleaned with BLANCO Pura-Plus® Liquid to refresh the finish.

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