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Customized Modular Kitchen Bangalore

Customized Modular Kitchen Bangalore

A s the part of modern trend Customized Modular Kitchens are becoming more popular day by day. The advanced facilities of a kitchen give more comfort to the family in all respect. If the kitchen is carefully designed the family also will be designed in accordance with. The professionals of Johns Interior Designers Bangalore always combine affordability and individual choice to enable each house to choose a vibrant model unique to the basic structure of Kitchen and Family. Johns interiors (Bangalore Carpenters) provides multiple designs of wardrobes as per the specific requirements of clients in Bangalore. we also take care for the quality and optimum utilization of space. One can avail these Wardrobe Designs at affordable rates. Bangalore Carpentry service is providing their services all over the Bangalore, especially Madiwala, Electronic City, Kormanagala, Bommanahal ... Read more »

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing vs Refacing

The only thing that refinishing and refacing have in common is that they both can change the color of kitchen cabinets, but definitely in different ways! They are both good options but when I think at refinishing vs refacing it is obvious that refacing is the one that will add value to the house.


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing is applying a coat of stain or paint after sanding and stripping off the old finish. This job can be done by the homeowner, a bit better by a painter or preferably done by a professional refinisher using a spray gun and spray booth to produce a flawless finish on the doors.

The main challenge about refinishing is dealing with the side panels, toe kicks, edges, etc. Basically whatever is exposed that is not a door or drawer front. Hiring a professional refinisher to spray the doors in a spray booth, and then to have the exposed areas of the boxes finished with a roller or brush in my opi ... Read more »

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Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas (Painting & Decorating)

This video aims to help you select the perfect window treatments for your kitchen or bathroom. Window treatment materials are discussed in relation to room climate and options.

These ideas are also good for bathrooms. Basically, we're going to stay away from the fabrics because fabrics react very much to climate. Particularly natural ones like silk and linens, and you don't really want a silk or a linen in a bathroom or a kitchen because there's steam around and they sort of go baggy if they get humid and some fabrics don't like that.

So, it's a good idea to stick to non-fabric treatments. On these windows, we've got pinoleum blinds and these are great for kitchens because they let the light through. They filter the light and give you privacy at night, and they're also extremely good insulators.

So they keep the warmth in the winter, they keep the heat out in the summer, and they're great for kitchens. T ... Read more »

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#European kitchen cabinets

European-style cabinets (also known as full-access or frameless cabinets) are by far the most popular kitchen cabinets in the world. They are the dominant cabinet style in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Canada. European cabinets are built with thicker, stronger case parts and no face frame, unlike the most common cabinet construction in the United States, which features solid wood face frames and thinner case parts.

The absence of a face frame in European cabinets allows for improved access to the interior area of cabinet, and it also increases the effective storage area by 10% compared to traditional framed cabinets. The European cabinet style has become standard in commercial settings, offices, schools and medical buildings in the United States, and they are growing in popularity in multifamily residential settings as well.

European cabinets have a cleaner and more contemporary look than traditional cabinets ... Read more »

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#Expedit Rolling Kitchen Island - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers

Materials: EXPEDIT shelving unit, LAGAN countertop, BRANAS baskets

Description: Working with a small footprint kitchen I wanted to build an island that would provide seating, storage and extra counterspace. I saw similiar hacks on this site and was inspired to combine them into one super hack!

First I assembled the Expedit bookshelf leaving off the top panel and attaching castors to the bottom panel. Note: it s important to use good quality rubber castors given how much pushing, pulling and shoving this island endures.

Second I cut the Lagan countertop to the desired dimensions (just overhanging the front and back of the shelf and giving a more generous 2.5 overhang on either side.) Because the Expedit panels are hollow fiberboard I opted to secure the countertop with multiple small brackets. The easiest way to do this is to lay the countertop over the shelf and draw the lines of the ... Read more »

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#Evolution of Style: Update Your Kitchen - Thinking Hinges

Update Your Kitchen - Thinking Hinges


I am taking on more and more cabinet refresh projects (for hire), and still never tire of the transformations. My latest project is an oak, galley style kitchen, and I'm digging deeper into ideas to make these older kitchens look more modern. Paint is obviously a big hitter in terms of updating a kitchen, but let's talk about something else that is equally powerful - cabinet hinges.

You're probably already yawning at the thought of a discussion on hinges, but stick with me here. It makes a bigger difference than what you'd think!

Many older kitchens out there have exposed hinges, where you can see the hinge mounted to the cabinet frame. By swapping out that hinge for an updated, hidden hinge, the transformation can really take a space from dated to modern, just like that.

Look at this amazing kitchen reveal at Everyday Enchanting. Now, th ... Read more »

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#Expanding Cutlery Tray in drawer organisers at Lakeland

A bit of help to keep kitchen drawers neat is always welcome. Expanding width ways to fit all sizes of drawers, they'll bring order to chaotic cutlery and unruly utensils – just click them into place.

"Great product"

"Expanding Cutlery Tray"

"My drawers are organised, finally!"

Delivery Times

  • UK Mainland
    • Click Collect: Please see the delivery page during checkout for availability.
    • Standard delivery: Receive your order in 3 - 5 working days
    • Express delivery*: Delivered next day if ordered before 6pm Monday to Friday (2 days after 6pm including Weekends/Bank Holidays). Please see basket page for latest delivery times.
    • Sunday Express delivery*: Delivered Sunday if ordered between 6pm Friday and 6pm Saturday
  • Eire (Ireland)
    • Expected delivery 7 working days*
  • EU countries
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#Ex display kitchen for sale - home - garden.

Ex display kitchen for sale

This unique modern ex display in perfect condition with heaps of accessories, stone tops 2pack paint finish RRP 28,000 your.

Great Southern

Kitchen cabinets ex display

Kitchen cabinets 1x450 4XDrawers 2x888 3xdrawers 1x900 doors cab 580deep including doors hight 715 110150 kick glossy doors.


We are in the process of selling off Ex display kitchens to make way for new finishes PICTURED THIS LARGE LSHAPE EXCEL AND.

Large Ex Display Jarrah Timber Kitchen - RRP $22,000 ... Read more »

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Moen Kitchen Faucet Problems | eHow

One problem reported regarding a Moen faucet was a low water flow problem. The cause of this appeared to be some sort of clogging problem at or near the strainer/aerator of the faucet. Typically such a problem is subject to an easy resolution by cleaning of the faucet aerator.

A user reported on a Moen shower faucet a problem of getting only hot water or only cold water. The shower faucet did not produce the blend of hot and cold water normally used when an individual showers. According to the manufacturer, this was an installation problem in which the knob in the shower head had been installed upside down.

Another problem reported on Moen faucets is that of a clogged showerhead. Here again, this problem would not apply exclusively to a Moen brand faucet. The resolution to this problem involved a simple procedure for cleaning out the clogged showerhead.

Another potential problem reported is unsatisfactory flow rate through ... Read more »

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#Evolution of Style: Tips Tricks for Painting Oak Cabinets

Tips + Tricks for Painting Oak Cabinets


My most popular post, by far, has been "How to Paint Your Cabinets Like a Professional." As a result, I have gotten a lot of questions, specifically, about how to paint oak cabinets. I have done client projects that were oak cabinets, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way.

I know there are a lot of you out there who are unhappy with your oak cabinets, whether they're semi-new and builder grade, or from an era long gone. You don't want to spend the money on new cabinets because 1) that's expensive and 2) there's nothing wrong with your cabinets, they're just not your style.

The biggest issue with painting oak cabinets is how to minimize the grain that comes with that type of wood. If you have maple or cherry cabinets, they paint up beautifully. Oak can have a similar result, it just takes a litt ... Read more »

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