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corner kitchen hutch

Hutch: China Hutch, Antique & Corner Kitchen Hutches

A hutch has the same function as a china cabinet – to hold china dishware in the dining room or kitchen. The primary difference between a hutch and a china cabinet is that a hutch comes in two separate pieces, while a china cabinet is one unit. A hutch, which is sometimes called a buffet and hutch combination, has a base of drawers and smaller cabinets, while the upper shelves are detachable from the buffet. A hutch, however, can be less formal than a china cabinet and sometimes can be used in the kitchen to store additional kitchenware, dishes, and cooking utensils.

The hutches sold through Dinette Online are designed for both dining room and kitchen use. Like the rest of the dining furniture selection we carry, our hutches come in a variety of styles and wood finishes to suit your home dйcor, whether you prefer a modern dйcor or more traditional designs. A traditional hutch often has a rustic character and is constructed of finished wood, such as pine, oak, or maple. Oak is the most popular wood for a hutch, although pine and maple are other common finished woods, as well. Finishes on the wood range from a lighter oak finish to show more of the wood’s grain to a darker java finish, which gives a standard wood like oak or pine a black appearance like that of mahogany or simply a darker color, like a brown close to black. Another type of finish is a white or lightened wood finish to give the hutch an antique appearance. Although a standard wood finish on oak or pine is considered traditional or rustic for a wood hutch, the white finish on the hutch, similar to a parchment glaze, gives the wood an aged look, making the hutch look like an antique piece of furniture.

A hutch has two to three drawers and cabinets below to store silverware and other eating and cooking items. Whether the hutch is in a corner in your kitchen or displaying china in your dining room, it can have a formal or informal presence while still being decorative and functional for dining and cooking purposes.

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