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kitchen door hinges

Kitchen Door Hinges | RENOMART

Kitchen door hinges are a special type that are hidden from view. Because they are hidden they give a modern, clean design look to kitchen cabinets.

Compared to the good old butt hinge, concealed types are a godsend. They offer a very easy way to adjust your cupboard doors as there is a three dimensional adjustment for height, depth and sideways movement. And once the door adjustments have been made, they stay that way even when removed and re-attached numerous times!

They also offer the benefit of being able to remove your doors for cleaning etc without having to remove any of the hardware.

Concealed hinges come in two types. Face frame or frameless. Face frame hinges mount to the outside  frame of a kitchen cabinet and frameless hinges mount to the inside  wall of a kitchen cabinet.

Frameless door hinges are attached to the inside cabinet frame.

Frameless hinges cover many different applications. There are hinges for bifold doors, corner cabinets, blind corner cabinets, aluminium doors, angled doors etc.

There are also different types. Selecting the appropriate type will depend on the application you need it for. The different types are;

  • full overlay (full crank)
  • half overlay (half crank)
  • inset

A concealed door hinge is used on this frameless cabinet

The adjustment of kitchen doors may baffle you when you first set your eyes on the hinge mechanism but in reality they are very easy to adjust once you know which screw does what.

Adjusting them is a breeze. They are adjustable in 3 dimensions. You can adjust the height, depth and sideways movement. This range of adjustment helps overcome any difficulties encountered in the installation of the cabinets such as racking, cabinets out of square etc.

Lets you bring any style of kitchen door into line with the vertical surface of the kitchen cabinet

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