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#Evolution of Style: Update Your Kitchen - Thinking Hinges

Update Your Kitchen - Thinking Hinges


I am taking on more and more cabinet refresh projects (for hire), and still never tire of the transformations. My latest project is an oak, galley style kitchen, and I'm digging deeper into ideas to make these older kitchens look more modern. Paint is obviously a big hitter in terms of updating a kitchen, but let's talk about something else that is equally powerful - cabinet hinges.

You're probably already yawning at the thought of a discussion on hinges, but stick with me here. It makes a bigger difference than what you'd think!

Many older kitchens out there have exposed hinges, where you can see the hinge mounted to the cabinet frame. By swapping out that hinge for an updated, hidden hinge, the transformation can really take a space from dated to modern, just like that.

Look at this amazing kitchen reveal at Everyday Enchanting. Now, they did more than just paint the cabinets - they added a new backsplash, island, hardware, sink, appliances and lighting. HOWEVER, they did swap out their exposed cabinet hinges for hidden ones. Take a look at her before and after photos - these are the same cabinets people.

Fantastic, right? Now, think about how much busier the cabinets would look if they still had the exposed hinges. Granted, with polished chrome hardware, it would minimize the hinge effect, but suppose you like oil rubbed bronze hardware? Exposed hinges of that variety would really stand out against the clean white cabinets. Having hidden hinges gives you the freedom to change hardware on a whim.

Here is an example of a kitchen that was painted, but the hinges were left exposed. I still think it's a dramatic improvement, and in some cases, the exposed hinges can be part of the original charm of the style and era of the home. But, it demonstrates my point that it gives the eye more to look at here.

In some homes it does serve as a character feature, adding to the original charm and period of the home.

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