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kitchen italia

my personal top 20 European kitchen brands | european-kitchen-design.com

After many requests and lots of diliberations I ve decided to post my own top 20 European brands. Top 20 European kitchen companies, because I simply felt that there are too many great European kitchen brands to limit the list to just top 10.

My Top 20 is based on the following criteria s:

  • DESIGN overall product design, esthetics and selection depth (colors, materials, design elements, etc.).
  • PRODUCT INNOVATION is this a kitchen brand that takes risks, that is on the cutting edge of technology and innovates or just a company that copies others?
  • PRODUCT QUALITY how well made is the product? Does the company cuts corners ?
  • SERVICE delivery on time, delivers complete orders, after sale service, etc.

I have chosen not to take into consideration COMPANY SIZE, as there is no real direct benefit to the buyer and I ve already listed the 10 largest European brands .

I also did not factor VALUE because I feel that value is very individual what one consumer sees as a great value, another may view as cheap. Webster s definition of Value is a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged . Once a kitchen brand has top design, innovation, quality and service, the price will always be higher. Surprizingly, there are a few kitchen brands on this list that have a pretty good value, as well as ranking high on all the other categories.

In the Top 20 European Kitchen 11 Italian kitchen brands, 7 German kitchen companies, one English and one French are in the above list.

So, without further a due and in alphabetical order here are my Top 20 European kitchen Brands:

The Best of the Best in European Kitchen Design

European Kitchens at the Top

The Top Twenty European Kitchen Companies

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