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kitchen splashback ideas

#Digitally Printed Glass Splashbacks - Choose from 100 s of designs - Even make your own personalized digital splashback

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We have a massive collection of Digital Printed Splashbacks to suit the mood of your home or to blend in with your kitchen environment.

If you are looking for something stylish and will make a statement in your kitchen, then why not look into purchasing a digital printed splashback.

We at mysplashbacks.co.uk pride our self in giving our customers the highest quality picture splashbacks on the market today. The ever growing trend of using kitchen splashbacks is ever evolving, and during that evolution the idea of using pictures behind glass become a home decor favourite, especially when it comes to adding that bit of decroation that is unique behind a cooker hob.

Splashbacks themselves are not used just because they can look good and really give a kitchen that contemporary look. They are also hygienic, easy to clean and stop splashes of cooking oil and grease marking walling or tiles behind your stove. The use of glass means that you have a fresh, clean environment that is very easy to clean, one simple wipe and you have a crystal clear surface.

Glass is perfectly flat, so there are no dents, bumps or holes where bacteria can cling and hide. A simple wipe and you can guarantee the perfect clean. The glass we use is also stain resistant, so if you choose to have a printed splashback then you can be safe knowing that the image quality will never fade and will always look sparkling new.

The glass we use is crystal clear, so no tint will spoil the image. It literally is just like looking out a window, especially if you have a picture that reflects the outdoors. We use 6mm toughened safety glass that is fully heat resistant and is literally hard to break, even if you tried ( we have tried and struggled to break it with a hammer! ). The print will never fade, or even be in contact with anything that can deform it because its safely shielded behind our amazing toughened glass. Its around 5 times tougher than normal glass and is even stronger than a car windscreen

You literally have a glass piece of art in your kitchen that acts as a massive focal point to the room. You can let your imagination run wild with whatever design you want. We have just a few of the potential ideas on this site, and we are adding more daily! Any image you can dream up in your head can be made into a glass printed splashback. If you have an idea, just give us a quick message and we can turn your vision into reality.

You can have vast designs that spread the length of the kitchen, or just a square splashback that goes behind your cooker. Prices have come down now to a level where anyone can have a dream kitchen, thanks to the modern feel of that a glass splashback brings. They are not only stunning, but practical too!

Feel free to browse our range of designs that we have on offer, they are all high quality and high resolution so are crisp, sharp and vibrant images that are totally blur free. You also have a few options for mounting our glass splashbacks on the wall, from our silicon adhesive, drilling screw holes or wall clips. They are made to measure and have smooth polished edges.

We stress that anything is possible, if you have a favourite pet, place, car, person(s), family photos then contact us and we can hopefully make you a personal splashback that will amaze your guests and bring a warmth to your kitchen. Save time tiling when you can get an amazing bespoke splashback tailored to your personality! We are in the process of adding more designs, if you think there is certain style or design that we have missed please contact us.

Can't find a design you like? Contact us!

We have thousands of designs from our library available that we are in the process of adding to our website. If you cannot find a design you like let us know and we can find the perfect designs for your kitchen. We have a digital photo to match anything! We can also do personalized splashbacks of family photos, pets or even favourite places!

Custom Splashback Printing

If you have an idea on a design, then contact us and we will find a design tailored around your idea. No matter what you have in mind just give us it and we will try and find a way of turning your idea into reality.

High Quality Digital Printing

All the images we use for our printed splashbacks are extremely high quality and detailed. To get the best quality splashback. We only accept the best and will not settle for sending out low quality splashbacks with blurry images.

Easy To Clean

Glass splashbacks are extremely hygienic, one wipe and they are back to their crystal clear sparkling selfs. You also do not have to worry about fading of images because you never get to touch the vinyl print. The image is situated behind the glass so will remain in perfect condition since the day you had your splashback.

Fully Bespoke

We literally can do nearly all sizes, if you require a small splashback, or a large full run then just ask and we will be sure to find the best solution for you. You can even combine the coloured glass splashbacks with digital printed ones to really get the best of both worlds..

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