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kitchen storage ideas

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas | eHow

Some of the most underutilized spaces in a small kitchen are the vertical ones, specifically the walls and the sides of cabinets. Attaching shelves, hooks and magnetic strips will get items out of your cabinets and off your counters.

Knives can be stored on a horizontal magnetic strip mounted to the wall. Don't limit yourself to knives: Metal spice canisters with clear tops can be stuck to a metal strip with the tops facing out.

Horizontal rods are useful in many applications as well. Utensil canisters can be attached to horizontal bars using wire cable. Attach rods to the sides of cabinets and hang hooks off them. (See Reference 1)

Sturdy hooks on the walls can hold utensils, potholders and pots. Not only does this give you more space, it also will make the items closer at hand when you need them.

Containers and storage aids, such as the tiered spice rack or the Lazy Susan--a rotating, circular shelf-like device similar to a turntable--help make the most of the cabinet space you have. Store smaller items inside larger ones. Buy a set of storage containers that fit into each other. For a deep and narrow cabinet space, install slide-out shelves to make every inch usable.

Move scarcely used appliances into closets in other parts of the home. If you still have space issues, you can add a shelving unit, a rolling cart or a bookshelf with a door.

Rolling carts usually have both shelves and hooks and are very versatile. Hang pots off the hooks and store cookbooks or appliances on the shelves. Most rolling carts are also a good height for an extra food preparation area, such as a chopping station. The wall space above can still be utilized with this method.

If you opt for standing shelves, you can store anything from food stuffs to cooking utensils and pots and pans. Consider attaching the shelves to the wall if you plan on storing heavy items, even if they are standing shelves. This will ensure that the unit does not fall.

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