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antique kitchen island

Kitchen Island Table Ideas | eHow

Antique tables and stools or chairs with finely turned legs and richly stained wood will imbue your kitchen with a sense of history. Different styles of antique wood furniture can invoke anything from a rustic, country cottage to the refinement of Victorian England. Hunting antique shops and flea markets for a table can also bring great pleasure, or you can simply purchase a faux antique kitchen island table.

Having a table from the 50s and 60s in your kitchen with chromed trim and vintage Formica will give it the feel of a classic diner. And don t forget to accent the island with vintage bar stools that have padded, vinyl seats. A vintage hanging lamp hung from the ceiling to hover above the island will will leave you just short of installing a jukebox in your kitchen.

Rather than going for the likely square or even round kitchen island table, an L-shaped island will add a unique flow to your kitchen. Imagine tools lined up on the outside of the L-shape with you, the host, standing on the inside preparing food, serving food and pouring drinks. Equipped with cabinets or shelves, the inside of the L-shape will provide plenty of extra storage.

If you are a lover of great wines, consider a kitchen island table that doubles as a wine rack. The wine rack goes below the table and can even be enclosed with glass doors so the bottles can be protected yet shown off at the same time. You could take it a step further and turn it into a mini bar by adding a liquor cabinet, a built-in mini fridge and a small sink.

If your kitchen island table is to be mainly used in food preparation, consider a cutting board, granite or stainless steel surface, or a combination. In this case, you may want to forgo the stools. An island with shelves or cabinets underneath the countertop for storage is essential for a work-surface island. You could even install a pot rack on the ceiling above the island. For sufficient visibility, you will likely want to have the island well lit. Kitchen islands can also be equipped with a sink or oven burners.

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