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italian kitchen decor

How to Decorate With Italian Restaurant Theme | eHow

Heavy black metal accessories

Purchase a red checkered tablecloth and matching napkins. You'll also need large green rings to hold the rolled napkins. Remember, Italy's flag is red, white and green, so much of the decoration should go with those colors. If you have red chairs, use a white tablecloth and the red checkered napkins.

Create an appropriate centerpiece. Use candle wax, candles, a bottle and macram natural-tone tan twine found in craft stores. Make your own authentic drip candles to make it look like you've been in business for years.

Many Italian restaurants use wine bottles with rounded bases as candle holders. If you have one, wrap the bottom in macram tan twine. Coat the bottom of the bottle with white craft glue. Start at the center and wrap the twine in a circle around your starting point until it covers the entire bottom. Run the glue on the sides halfway up the bottle, then wrap the sides in twine in the same manner. Put a candle in the bottle mouth and allow the wax to melt down the sides.

Create or buy paintings for the walls. These paintings may be of grapes and vines, gold vases or impressions of the Italian masters. If you want to keep it simple, use grapes and herb stencils to make your painting.

Secure a large wooden pepper grinder, cheese grinder and salt grinder. These are objects normally found at the table of the Italian restaurant.

Sew a short valence curtain for the window. Keep with the color red. Use sheers underneath, with a pullback at the corner.

Find trellis wood to erect at the sides of doorways or to quadrant off a room. If you have an open space you want to cozy up a bit, this is a great way to do so. You can even decorate the trellis with fake ivy.

Investigate the possibility of a black metal wine rack or other finishing touches. Italian restaurants often have accent items made of a heavy black metal. You can also create your own menus for the table on the computer and cover them with clear contact paper to protect them.

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