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Brabantia Kitchen Bins

By Keith R Scott | Submitted On June 07, 2007

Brabantia Kitchen Bins are both stylish and practical and, as you would expect from Brabantia, manufactured from the best quality materials and coated with attractive, hard-wearing finishes. From the smallest pedal bin to the more advanced Touch bin and Sensor bin, a Brabantia bin is sure to add a touch of class to your kitchen as well as being extremely practical.

As well as the traditional push and pedal bins, Brabantia have introduced several advances in the technology of the kitchen bin. The fist of which is the Touch bin where just one soft touch on the lid of the bin causes the lid to open smoothly and silently for the quick and easy disposal of your kitchen rubbish. They are made from durable, corrosion resistant materials available in a range of stylish colours and finishes.

With the Sensor kitchen bin from Brabantia, there is no need to touch it for the lid to open. The bin has an in-built sensor, which, when you hold your hand over it, the bin lid will automatically opens. Once you have put your rubbish in the bin, the lid closes automatically, with a smooth and silent mechanism. Truly a cool space-age bin!

When you re cooking or tidying the kitchen, are you sick of constantly trailing over to the kitchen bin to get rid of your rubbish? Another interesting addition to the Brabantia bin range is the small, compact table bin. It is perfect for disposing of waste like food packaging and organic waste in a bin on your kitchen worktop. You can even put it in the dishwasher!

Environmental issues are at the forefront of everyone s mind these days. The environmentally friendly Twin Bin features two bins in one where you can keep the organic and compostable matter separate from the other kitchen waste.

Buying a Brabantia kitchen bin could not be easier; there are loads of internet retailers who stock a full range of waste bins. You are sure to find a bin to suit you whether you want a space-age bin or just a traditional pedal bin.


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