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kitchen equipment list

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If you are moving into your own apartment for the very first time, the list of essentials seems never-ending. So, for startcooking.com I have tried to keep your list of cooking essentials to the bare minimum.

I have already started several discussions on stocking your cupboard. stocking your refrigerator. basic utensils. and knives.

Now, let s talk about kitchen equipment.

Three usually come with most apartments or houses you may rent, share or (if you re lucky) buy. They are:

3. An Oven with a stove top

Typically, you are on your own after these three.

There is one more absolute, non-optional, essential piece of equipment:

4. Pots and Pans

You will need, at a minimum:

(a) One 6-quart pot for making spaghetti,

(b) One 2-to-3 quart pot for making rice, boiling potatoes, etc. and

(c) One 7-to-10 inch skillet or fry pan.

Many of the large discount stores offer sets of pots and pans. If you don t own any, that may be the way to go. If you have time to shop around look for sales and extra-off coupons. That will cut the cost considerably.

Buy the best you can afford. Really inexpensive pans do not have the same heat-retention ability as the more expensive ones.

From here on, my list says optional but quite honestly most of it is essential.

Option 1: Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have become incredibly inexpensive over the years. You can now purchase one for less than $40. Many of them now have sensors that take the guess-work out of microwaving potatoes. popcorn, and things like frozen meals.

(Even my husband, who does not know how to cook, knows how to use the microwave!)

Option 2: Cutting boards

You can buy either wood or some kind of plastic or synthetic cutting-boards. Be sure to check out my post on How to Choose and Use Cutting Boards .

Option 6: Coffee Pot/Kettle

If you are on your own, you may want to consider a French Coffee Press . (A french coffee press is easy to use when you know how, and you can make a really good, cup of home-brewed coffee with one in less than 5 minutes.) To boil water for coffee or tea, you may want to consider a tea-kettle or electric kettle. If you have a microwave, you could also use that to boil water.

Option 7: Toaster or Toaster Oven

If you like toasted bagels, make sure the mouth of the toaster is large enough to accommodate a sliced bagel. Toaster ovens not only toast breads, but as the names says, it s a mini oven. It allows you to bake and broil in addition to toasting. I have seen them on sale for as low as $30.

Option 8: Blender

Blenders can be more expensive then a microwave. If you want your blender to crush ice (for smoothies and margaritas), then you will need one with a fairly powerful motor. The more powerful the motor is, the more expensive the blender will be.

So this is my starter list. By popular demand I am adding a vegetable peeler and a garlic press to the utensil list. Make sure you also get some dishtowels and pot holders/oven mitts.

A toaster, a blender, a coffee-pot and a tea-kettle may not be first on YOUR list, but cutting boards, mixing bowls, a baking sheet with sides and a colander really are necessary to start cooking.

Are we ready to startcooking?

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