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kitchen equipment list

Kitchen Equipment List (with Pictures) | eHow

A comprehensive set of non-stick pots and pans is the basic foundation of kitchen equipment. A set that has 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch frying pans,1-qt. 2-qt. and 4-qt. sauce pans with lids and a large stock pot and lid for soups and stews can get your kitchen started. A plastic colander is also needed to drain your boiled food.

A 12-inch cast iron skillet is ideal for baking cornbread or making fried chicken as cast iron really holds heat and cooks evenly.


A 9-inch-by-9 inch metal baking pan is versatile and will work for making such baked goods as brownies, pecan bars and gingerbread. Two 8-by-2-inch metal round cake pans will be sufficient for a layer cake. Flexible silicone bakeware makes baking cupcakes and muffins much easier, as the bakeware can be flexed when it is cool to pop out the baked goods. Use a flexible silicone baking mat to line your cookie sheets so cookies and pastries bake evenly. It can also be used for microwave cooking. Lastly, an 8 by 4 by 2 1/2 inch loaf pan will evenly bake banana or zucchini bread.

A three-bowl mixing set with a 2-qt. 3-qt. and 4-qt. bowl gives you the convenience of having enough bowls to separate and then mix together several different ingredients. Basic measuring equipment includes a 2-cup measuring cup and a set of measuring spoons. Candy and meat thermometers are helpful for measuring temperatures.

A sharp set of knives that include a chef #039;s knife, a bread knife and a paring knife make meal preparation go faster. A handheld cheese grater and potato or vegetable peeler are also helpful cutting utensils.

Use a plastic or bamboo cutting board to chop ingredients and to keep them separate. Both materials make for easy clean up.

A sturdy food processor can handle most of your blending and chopping needs. You may want a separate blender for smoothies and making pesto. Ground coffee can be difficult to remove completely from kitchen appliances, so a separate electric coffee grinder may be in order as well.

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