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kitchen paint colours

#Endure Kitchen - Bathroom

Surface Preparation

Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean, dry and free of contamination. Walls should be wiped down with a mild detergent and rinsed clean with fresh water, even if they don't appear to be dirty, to ensure removal of any surface contamination and ensure the paint has a clean surface to adhere to.

Seal new or bare plaster with Taubmans Prep Right Plaster Sealer. Seal bare wallboards or Gyprock with Taubmans Ultraprep or Taubmans 3 in 1.

Remove all loose or flaking paint, wash all areas thoroughly to remove any surface contamination. Treat surfaces affected by mould with chlorine bleach diluted one part bleach to four parts water. Rinse clean with fresh water. Spot repair any bare areas such as filled holes as per directions for new work.

Apply two liberal coats by brush, roller or spray. Do not overspread. Keep brushes and rollers working freely by rinsing occasionally in clean water.

Water wash up, away from drains.

Up to 16m /litre, depending on nature of surface. Coverage will be lower on rough or absorbent surfaces.

Recoat after 2 hours at 25 C and 50% relative humidity.

Stir paint with a 25mm wide flat stirrer in a circular lifting motion for at least 5 minutes before use. It is always recommended to stir paint before use to ensure that the colour tints are dispersed evenly throughout the paint.


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