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kitchen replacement doors

Replacement Kitchen Doors - Kitchen Doors | Kitchen Warehouse UK LTD

For prices on replacement doors please select a style of door above, on the next page you will be able to choose colour.

Replacement doors

Replacement kitchen doors are a great way to spruce up your kitchen if you're on a lower budget than a full kitchen or your carcasses are still in good order and you don't want the hassle of replacing the full kitchen. These doors will take 3-5 working days to be delivered.


Our replacement kitchen doors are made for 720 high units and will easily fit onto carcasses from many high street sellers such as:

To check if your units are compatible with our doors its simple! All you need to do is check that your base units are 720 high (This is not including the legs or worktop) and that the wall units are either 575 high (Small), 720 high (Standard), 900 high (Tall) once again this is not including the cornice/pelmet. Also note that your units may be a couple of millimeters different but this is fine!

These doors will fit MFI and Hygena units providing that the base unit is 720 high and the wall units are 720/900 high. Drawer packs/Drawer-lined units will need to be altered as the total size is the same but instead of having a 160 high drawer front and a 555 high door it will have a 140 high drawer front and a 570 high door. Multi drawers will have a 140 and 2 * 283 drawer fronts instead of the current doors you have. Unless this is a 4 drawer unit which will still have 4 * 175 high drawer fronts.

Non-Compatible Units

Please note that units from these stores are not compatible:

IKEA, Wickes, Moores and others. But in this case we are able to offer high gloss acrylic replacement doors which are made to measure. These doors will take approximately 3 weeks from order to be delivered. To get a quote for these please email us the EXACT sizes needed in millimetres, height x width e.g. 355 (H) x 800 (W) to kitchenwarehouse@live.co.uk

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