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kitchen wall tile

Kitchen Wall Tile Design Ideas | eHow

Delft tiles have been used for more than 400 years as kitchen backdrops. Traditionally blue and white, with a little color added, there are many different patterns available in this style. The name comes from the Dutch town of Delft where these patterns were reproduced in the late 15th century from popular Chinese designs. These tiles are still being reproduced today using hand-painted images that are thermally sealed onto the ceramic tile. Use a repeating pattern of the same images or have each tile different to add a touch of traditionalism to your kitchen walls.

Add a tile mural to your kitchen space. Tiles used as canvases by mural artists can be cement, glass, ceramic and even stainless steel. According to Scrapbookscrapbook.com, many kitchen designs are the same but by adding a tile mural as a backsplash you are adding a focal point that shows your personality. Murals can be of patterns, landscapes or even portraits. Many artists have examples of their work displayed on their website to give you ideas.

White tiles everywhere, with only a splash of color to match the features of the kitchen. The minimalist aesthetic is about only using a limited range of colors and not having too many designs and distractions. Minimalist tiles are available from most hardware stores and come in a variety of materials. Stainless steel tiles can be used to further the futuristic aesthetic. Consider using the stainless steel tiles as a splash guard at the cooker and white tiles for the main walls.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Walls

Kitchen Wall Tile Design Ideas. Kitchen Wall Tile Design Ideas. The materials used for kitchen walls must stand up to steam, splashes.

Adding tile to a kitchen wall will not only visually enhance a kitchen but will also add value to your house. With.

Wall Tile Layout Patterns Backsplash Ideas. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so the design for the kitchen often.

An often-overlooked aspect of kitchen design and d cor is the kitchen splashback. Ceramic tile is the classic choice for kitchen splashbacks.

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