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shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker Cabinets in Jackson, MI | Call 888-411-6170

Shaker kitchen countertops; granite countertops are the most preferred choice and have been used in homes for decades. If you are trying to achieve a truly shaker look, soapstone is an admirable choice. Soapstone has been used for a long time and more so it is heat resistant and unreactive with chemicals making it the best choice for chemistry laboratories and old hearths, It is however relatively soft and as a result it will be scratched over time and become easily chipped.

Modern shaker kitchens have clean lines and minimal ornamentation. When tapping shaker style for modern kitchen the color scheme can be adjusted and man-made materials can be introduced. These materials include steel and glass. A shaker kitchen can also be made to look contemporary.

At Shaker Cabinet Guys in Jackson, MI we ensure the door styles and cabinet designs resemble the Arts and Crafts and Craftsman styles which have less ornamentation. Utilitarian designs, tapered posts, flat paneled doors and sturdy construction are the trademarks of our shaker designs.

Appearance of shaker kitchen cabinets is mostly the visible straight lines, gentle curving lines and moderate proportions Shaker kitchen bears striking similarity to Craftsman kitchen, both of which usually employ shaker cabinet doors that have a flat panel, flat cope and stick frames. Shaker Cabinets are always made of local wood which include: ash, Hickory, Oak, Birch, Cherry and Poplar when painted.

At Shaker Cabinet Guys in Jackson, MI we advise our customers using pictures of the many styles we have.Our success in this business has been attributed to the manner in which our staff has conducted itself all through. We pride of very hardworking employees who are committed in their service. From our designers, installation experts to customer service staff they are dedicated to serve you so that the cabinetry system in your kitchen makes your kitchen inviting and unique. We are at your service 24/7 and you can contact us through 888-411-6170 and we will be glad to serve you.

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