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unique kitchen gadgets

#Unique Kitchen Gadgets at the Blue Mountain Bistro Gourmet Food Store

Unique Gadget Tools for your Kitchen

It s no secret that any cooking chore is made so much easier when you have the best tool for the task! A good peeler can ready vegetables in no time; tricky garlic can be prepared more swiftly with the right gadget and lemons zested to perfection with a sharp hand zester.

In collaboration with Woodstock Hardware. we offer unique kitchen gadgets in our gourmet food store. Most of these fun kitchen gadgets we use for cooking in our own kitchen. These special selections from Diane s kitchen hold true to our belief that we cook what we sell, we sell what we cook. Many of these gadgets are used when we craft every single specialty that you purchase. In the store you ll find a sample of the best kitchen products from Diane s Kitchen at Woodstock Hardware.

Pick From Our Kitchen Gadget Winners to Create a Fantastic Gift Basket!

Inside the store, you ll also find a variety of products from chef n including the Palmzester, Pepperball, GarlicZoom, Sleekstor measuring cups and Flexicado.

In addition to these products, we also offer veggie peelers, scrapers and wooden spoons. These functional items make the perfect gift for that special cook in your life, and if you are looking to treat yourself to a new gourmet kitchen gadget we definitely have something for you. Don t forget these items pair fabulously with any of our food products and a new cook book for a great gift basket !

Our stock is constantly changing, but rest assured we will always offer you the best! We only carry products that we are proud to endorse in our kitchen gadget section of the store.

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