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#Designer Kitchens Inc - Contractors - Tustin, CA - Reviews - Photos

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I ve known and hired Ayeshah the owner of Designer Kitchens over the last 3 years in a variety of circumstances working on the design of my kitchen. Ayeshah has always been a tremendous asset and consistently and professionally delivered on the projects and duties assigned.

Ayeshah is passionately creative visionary with extensive experience in all aspects of kitchen and bathroom development from concept to delivery. Track record of creating original, trend-appropriate design concepts. Detail oriented perfectionist; with excellent multi-tasking, organizational and communication skills.

Ayeshah is lovely to work with. Very knowledgeable and will give honest feedback on the way your kitchen and bathroom will look

Please contact me for additional information.

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I ve known and hired Ayeshah the owner o ... Read more »

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#Designer Habitat Chrome Single Handle Pull Out Spray Kitchen Sink Tap Hose Mixer with Two Swivel Spouts: DIY - Tools

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By swblonde on 26 Sept. 2011

Great looking tap. arrived right on time. On fitting however the sink will require a back plate to strengthen the sink and stop the weight/height of the tap flexing the sink. Not a surprise-I was expecting that.

The main problem is If you have the traditional gravity fed hot water system and mains cold water supply to the sink you will need to fit a back flow preventer to the hot water supply. When the tap is on divert to the spray -and before you turn on the spray- if the temperature control is midway between the hot/cold the cold pressure forces cold water back along the hot water pipes (due to the imbalance of the pressures). You can hear it running back up the hot pipes and would cause a problem if left to run. It stops ... Read more »

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Kitchen Refurbishment London - Kitchen Design Renovation

Expert design installation guarantees

you a stunning kitchen you’ll love.

Your kitchen refurbishment is backed up

by a 2 year guarantee on workmanship.

To receive an accurate kitchen refurbishment quote simply fill out the below form to book your free home consultation visit.

When you survey your kitchen what do you see? Do you wish you could alter the layout or change the styling? Would you like to rip it out and start again? Many people just like you want to change their kitchens and when you consider how important the room has become, many people take the decision to embark on a full refurbishment.

Let’s first clarify the terminology. Many customers and renovation companies use both of the phrases refurbishment and makeover interchangeably. However, both terms can mean very different things to different people.

Some customers who contact us with a view to refur ... Read more »

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#Digital Decorator
Privacy Policy

Our commitment

In handling your personal information, Digital Decorator is committed to complying with the Information Privacy Act 2009. A summarised version of our Privacy Policy appears below.

Collection and use of personal information

We collect personal information to enable us to:

provide you with the products and services you require, and

provide you with information about promotions, products and services available to you from Digital Decorator and associated businesses.

Providing your personal information to other organisations

In providing products and services to you, it may be necessary for us to provide your personal information to other organisations or agencies with whom we conduct business. Your personal information is only provided to entities to the extent necessary to enable us to provide our products and services to you and to th ... Read more »

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#Diapol United Kingdom


Granite is a natural stone formed between 3 billion and 750 million years ago, after molten magma cooled in the earth's crust. Granite is highly appreciated for its unique natural colour, structure and pattern. We have chosen the best varieties of granite from quarries all over the world in order to offer you an extensive range of products to choose from.


Quartz is an industrial composite material. Its composition is 93% natural milled rock and 7% binders and colouring agents. Quartz is appreciated for its wide range of solid colours. Quartz countertops are perfect for kitchens as well as bathrooms.

Clients talking about the work

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Marble worktop maintenance

Marble is 100% natural material with unique colour and pattern. Worktop is made of the marble quarried from earth’s crust, cut in suitable size, edges and surface finished. Marble worktops are only durable ... Read more »

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Kitchen Door Hinges | RENOMART

Kitchen door hinges are a special type that are hidden from view. Because they are hidden they give a modern, clean design look to kitchen cabinets.

Compared to the good old butt hinge, concealed types are a godsend. They offer a very easy way to adjust your cupboard doors as there is a three dimensional adjustment for height, depth and sideways movement. And once the door adjustments have been made, they stay that way even when removed and re-attached numerous times!

They also offer the benefit of being able to remove your doors for cleaning etc without having to remove any of the hardware.

Concealed hinges come in two types. Face frame or frameless. Face frame hinges mount to the outside  frame of a kitchen cabinet and frameless hinges mount to the inside  wall of a kitchen cabinet.

Frameless door hinges are attached to the inside cabinet frame.

Frameless hinges cover many dif ... Read more »

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Modular Kitchen Chennai | Modular Kitchen designs in Chennai

A Hitech kitchen is one of the leading Modular Kitchen in Chennai. We are one stop mall for all varieties of Modular Kitchens. We provide complete end to end Kitchen. which attracts your homes. We also provide all type of Modular Kitchen accessories and equipments such as wardrobes. chimneys, cabinets, microwave oven, built-in kitchen ovens, hoods, cutlery trays.

Hitech kitchen offers full range of kitchen materials, which suits for all kinds of houses. Modular kitchens are available at attractive designs, which help people to choose their right ones according to their choices.

Our Modular Kitchens designers utilize the kitchen space perfectly by customizing all kinds of kitchens appliances. Nowadays, Modular Kitchens are becoming a boom necessity in every house.

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Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Toronto - Quality Kitchen Cabinets

If you need cheap kitchen cabinets for your home in Toronto, then Kitchen Cabinets Toronto is the place for you! We guarantee that all of our products, no matter which style, color, or design you choose is quality made. Unlike most other cabinetry stores, our cabinets are made of real wood, not the cheap pressed wood most cabinets are made of. Not only that, but our cabinets are unique and gorgeous, giving your home and kitchen that touch up you’ve always wanted. If you want to bring to life your dream kitchen, then check out our cheap kitchen cabinets in Toronto at Kitchen Cabinets Toronto! We have what you’re looking for, guaranteed and affordable kitchen cabinets!

At Kitchen Cabinets Toronto, we have several different designs and colors of cheap kitchen cabinets in Toronto. Our designs include the Brentwood Kitchen, the Hudson designs, Courtland kitchen, London Espresso, and London White. No matter what style, col ... Read more »

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The Proper Height to Mount Drawer Handles on a Kitchen Cabinet | eHow

According to Tim Carter of Ask the Builder, the proper height for drawer pulls and handles is approximately 2 to 3 inches from the lowest corner of the door. Locate the lower right- or left-hand corner of the cabinet and measure up at least 2 inches. Move in a minimum of 1 inch and mark the space. Drill the hole with an electric drill and mount the hardware in the hole. Depending on the type of handle your cabinets use, you may need two holes per handle.

Kitchen cabinets are not standard; some designs have a more decorative look that others with glass front doors or carved edges. When using decorative cabinets, do your initial measurements and then look at the design. Make sure that the drilled hole does not pass through any decorative element and does not ruin the look of the cabinet. For glass front doors, mount the hardware on the edge surrounding the glass.

For cabinets placed on the lower are ... Read more »

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#Manufacture of kitchen furniture.


Address: ul. A. Struga 23

70-784 Szczecin

zachodniopomorskie, Poland

Phone.+48 (91) 431 31 75

Atlas Kuchnie Szczecin is a company with long

tradition in the production and distribution of

Preferred directions of export


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Welcome to Convertel, the tlelphone Interpreting system.

Call your client, now, with the assistance of a professional interpreter on-line!Instead of entering into lengthy and confusing correspondence save your time and money with Convertel .

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