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kitchen countertops ideas

10 great DIY kitchen countertops

No April Fools day joke today, especially after all the worried comments I got when posting about great April fools day ideas  the other day  Let s talk about DIY Kitchen Countertops instead, that feels like a safe topic to me.

When Justin and I first started our adventures as DIY homeowners, it didn t seem like there were that many options for countertops especially great options that we could afford.

Okay, it wasn t THIS long ago, but you get the picture, right?  (via ) don t you love the dancing vegetables wallpaper border?

Fast forward a few years, and thanks to the internet, there s lots of information (and pictures!) out there about many more DIY countertop surfaces.  Not only that, but prices on natural and engineered stone have come down a bit, making them more affordable options for the average homeowner.  If putting most of a kitchen renovation budget into countertops isn t your cup of tea, there are DIY options out there now with excellent online tutorials.  In a nutshell, there are lots of ways to get the look you want for the price you are willing to pay.

Take a look at some of the great DIY kitchen countertop options that are out there:

Fantastic idea for installing cement over existing tile countertops | Design Stocker featured at Remodelaholic

DIY stainless steel counters | The Home Project featured at Remodelaholic

Countertops made from solid wood doors | The Mustard Ceiling featured at Remodelaholic

Chalk paint countertops | Freckled Laundry

DIY copper countertops | Lillidale featured at Remodelaholic

Wood flooring turned into butcher block counter | PJH Designs featured at Remodelaholic

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Turning laminate counters into concrete counters | Kara Paslay Designs

Faux granite countertop makeover | Red Hen Home featured at Remodelaholic

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