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european kitchen cabinets

European Kitchen Cabinets - Pictures and Design Ideas

European kitchen cabinets feature contemporary styling and industrial looks. On the cutting edge of modern design and engineering, European kitchens tend to be minimalistic and highly functional.

Minimalist styling, a light color scheme, and highly functional cabinetry make this European loft apartment kitchen feel open and spacious. Vaulted ceilings with skylights fill the room with natural light. [+] More Pictures

Elements of Style: For a tidy and spacious look, European kitchen design avoids excess ornamentation. Crown molding, wood carvings, and raised panel door styles are rarely used. Small spaces can feel larger with less visual stimulation, so the relatively flat surfaces of European kitchen cabinets can make small kitchens seem roomier.

Functionality First: Many European kitchens are more condensed than their American counterparts, therefore European cabinets will include accessories and features designed for efficient use of space. These features may include specialized drawer storage systems, pull-out plate racks, organized pantry units, lazy susans, and integrated appliances. The "frameless" construction of European cabinets also yields maximum usable space with very little wasted cubic storage compared to conventional face frame cabinets.

Materials: Most materials in European kitchen designs are highly processed, including plastic, metal, concrete, and glass. Since these so-called "man-made" materials often feel stark, many designers will incorporate elements from nature including wood veneer and natural stone to bring some warmth back into the kitchen. As a designer, my favorite European kitchens are those that incorporate a nice interplay of synthetic and natural materials. Simple decorations such as a potted plant or a bowl of fruit can also give your kitchen a more inviting ambiance.

Kitchen Design Photos: Below are some pictures featuring European style kitchen cabinets. If you enjoy the beauty and simplicity of these designs, be sure to take a look at some similar galleries of Contemporary. Asian. and Modern kitchens as well. Enjoy the photos!

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