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italian kitchen design

35 Modern Italian Kitchen Designs and Kitchen Decoration

Modern Italian kitchens are synonymous with elegant style and highly efficient performance regardless of their design. It is commonly accepted that all things Italian are associated with luxury and a desire to enjoy ‘La Dolce Vita’. This exceptional range of examples demonstrates everything that is good about Italian kitchen design .

Flamboyant, sleek, high performance, fun loving, seductive these are all characteristics that typifyItalian design. the Italian lifestyle and indeed the Italian Kitchen. A love of powerful clean forms is shared and illustrated in each of these designs. Smooth uncluttered surfaces, bold shapes and colours all combine to make a superb working and entertaining environment in the modern Italian kitchen. Italians love to cook, to eat and to entertain. This is reflected in these distinctive and sumptuous surroundings illustrating how Italy has evolved to become a major trend setter in global kitchen design. Italian kitchens lead the way.

Since the Futurist movement of the early 20th century Italian artists have embraced the technology and energy of the new era. The modern Italian kitchen reflects this pioneering dynamism. Here bold art works compliment and enhance the powerful formal arrangements of kitchen units. Delicate organic forms may be introduced in furniture, lighting and brave swirling paintings to contrast the clean geometry of the super stylish Italian kitchen.

Alternative and varied textures may be employed decoratively to add tactile and visual excitement to the composition of an Italian kitchen. Rough hewn natural materials, wood and stone are used innovatively to contrast brushed steel or polished stone surfaces.

Light and air floods through these dramatic Italian kitchens further exaggerating their impressive and lofty spaces. Monochromatic colour schemes are sophisticated and tasteful sometimes lifted by limited and isolated touches of pure saturated colour. These are ‘grown up’ kitchens that reflect the success, refinement and good taste of those who select an Italian kitchen design for their home.

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