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kitchen knives

Custom Kitchen Knives for sale | Kitchen knives - Arizona Custom Knives - Custom handmade and production knives

Knives used for food preparation are found in almost every household worldwide. Although there are specialty knives for virtually every task, a few general purpose kitchen knives usually suffice. These are the chef s knife, a paring knife, and a cleaver.

A chef s knife is a large all-purpose tool that has a curved blade so the knife can be rocked against the cutting board for a more precise cut. Most are a bit heavier and can be used for cutting small bones as well. Sizes range from about six to twelve inches, with seven to nine being the most popular.

Paring knives are small and intended for generalized tasks like peeling, chopping small items, and picking out seeds. Their size is especially useful for cutting between the fingers when holding small items like olives or radishes. Common sizes are 2.5 to 4 incles on the blade.

The typical kitchen s heavy workhorse is the cleaver, a kitchen knife that normally has a rectangular shape and heavy at the spine (top). Cleavers are generally thicker and have a thin edge that is convex ground for strength. These kitchen knives are used to cut thick meat and bones. Common sizes are about six inches to twelve inches long.

Arizona Custom Knives has a variety of custom kitchen knives for sale from some of the best craftsmen in the world. A full line of kitchen knives are available from Shosui Takeda and other makers.

Manufactured kitchen knives are mass produced to meet general needs at a lower cost. As such they generally have lower quality steels and handle materials. Custom kitchen knives are hand crafted by skilled makers using better steels and more durable handle materials.

    • Better handles for surer grip and easy cleaning
    • Sharper, more exact grinds
    • Higher grade steels with better edge retention and moisture resistance
    • Thicker blades and better balance
    • Forged steel blade rather than a stamped blade

These are some of the major considerations to weigh when selecting kitchen knives.

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