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#Fox Run Retro Kitchen Timer with Magnet, Red: Red Kitchen Accessories: Kitchen - Dining

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By Elizabeth on August 29, 2009

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This is a fun little kitchen timer! Just make sure you get one that's reliable and works properly and you're good to go. Has a nice, loud bell. You can hear it in the next room unless you have your music blasting or your vacuum cleaner on.

The first one I received from Amazon would stop ticking even though I followed directions for turning the dial past the 55-minute mark and then setting it to the number of minutes I wanted. I would set it at 30 minutes or 45 minutes and it would tick briefly, then stop. But it was accurate at shorter times of 5 or 10 minutes; it would tick down and the bell would go off.

Due to its unreliability, I returned it to Amazon for an exchange of the same model. That one had the same defect.

This time I contacted the manufacturer, Fox Run Craftsmen. They sent me a replacement that has worked beautifully!

My advice is, if you get one that doesn't work, contact Fox Run Craftsmen for a replacement.

Now that I have a working one, let me say it is the cutest kitchen gadget ever! I like the fire engine red color! The size is depicted accurately as "actual size" in the photo at just about 3 inches in diameter, so it is small. The magnet is strong. It looks great on my refrigerator!

Recommended. (With above caveats.)

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